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In 2019 willen de begeleiders van de verschillende BAZART-steden graag een internationale uitwisseling opzetten rond het thema diversiteit in de stad. Het doel is om samen met jongeren uit een ander land ervaringen, idee├źn en kennis uit te wisselen over dit onderwerp.

We zijn nog op zoek naar buitenlandse partners. Ben/ken jij onze match? Laat van je horen! Hieronder vinden jullie ons projectvoorstel in het Engels. 

Our goal is a group exchange about diversity in the city and the way youth organisations can respond to this. We want to exchange experience, ideas and knowledge about this in the spring 2020.

We are a youth movement that brings youth and art closer together in a playful way, while focusing on urbanity and inclusion. We work in a participative way with youngsters between 16 and 26 who organise activities for children and teenagers from 6 to 16.

We are looking for partner organisations who work either with children/youngsters or with art/theatre/dance. Both organisations with expertise in the field of diversity and organisations who are looking to improve themselves are welcome as a partner. We want to do a group exchange with our volunteers (16-26 years old) and are looking for a group of similar age, and basic level of English.

Subjects we would like to exchange about can involve anything that has to do with urban diversity (eg. language differences, poverty, refugees, cultural and ethnic diversity, etc).

We would like our exchange methods to involve cross-cultural dialogue, experiential learning, peer learning,... These activities will be combined with cultural activities, activities involving art and play, and sightseeing. 

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Phone: +3216659465

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